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queen of bermuda model - bridge and forecastle
queen of bermuda model - aft boat deck
queen of bermuda model - stern view portside
queen of bermuda model - starboard midships
qtev queen of bermuda illustrating oak mount

QTEV Queen of Bermuda

furness bermuda line qtev queen of bermuda
Furness, Withy & Co.
Built: 1932, Vickers-Armstrongs, Barrow
Yard no. 681
22,575 GRT; 580 x 76.4 ft
Decks: 8
Passengers: 731, Crew: 410

Scale: 1:200, length: 34.8"/88.39 cm

The beloved Furness Bermuda Line vessel QTEV Queen of Bermuda was chosen as the first model in our exclusive series of limited edition lighted display models built in the style of Arthur G. Henning's Art Model Studios. She is entirely scratch built to a scale of 1:200 (approximately 1/16" = 1'). The vessel measures just under 3' in length on a 40" base with frameless glass dust cover. Hull and superstructure are built up in pine and Baltic birch with polychrome enamel in company livery. Deck fittings are diecast metal and brass. Lighted from within. This model is currently available. Call or email 
Price: $3,800 (as illustrated with case; crating & shipping additional)
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